serafinSerafin Guzman came to this country looking for a brighter future for himself and his family. He worked for 10 years for two contractors enhancing the landscaping experience he brought from his native Mexico.  In 1972, Serafin started his own business “Serafin Guzman Landscaping,” the company was founded with the assistance of his eldest daughter, Irma who was instrumental in early advancement.   The company began with a small crew of very dedicated workers who took pride in their work. The passion and dedication with which they created beautiful outdoor spaces soon became a favorite with many in Los Angeles.
When Serafin retired in 2000; his two sons Serafin Jr. and Daniel (Dan), who had been learning from their father since childhood, first watching, later working for Serafin Guzman Landscaping and ultimately continuing the tradition of service to their many distinguished clients.